Advocacy Institute Programs


The Power Equation

Introductory Workshop

• 3-hour workshop

• Advocacy basics: 7 Rules of engagement (including communications, outreach, and coalition-building)

• Planning/strategy grid introduction

• Case studies

• Sample letters

• Handbook




Full-Day Workshop

• Everything above +

• Completion of planning/strategy grid

• Research and draft “ask” – specific recommendation or request

• Identify stakeholders, supporters and champions

• Role Play

• Draft request letter

• Congressional Directory




Two-Day Workshop

• Everything in Advocacy360 +

• Guest speakers/presenters

• Influencer Engagement

• Complete Toolbox with one-page brief and draft model language

• Identification of champions at federal level




Leaders' Inc.

Exective Leader Mentoring

• 1-on-1 customized coaching for advocates, emerging leaders, executives and professionals

• Access to directories, online modules and other resources

• National leader relationship cultivation and management

• Review, assessment and input on specific public policy issue to be provided by client




Coaching, Training, Online Resources

• Customized in-person or virtual training workshop

• Step-by-Step Instruction delivered by handbook, online modules and worksheets

• 4-One-on-One calls with Anita covering development of briefing paper, draft language, and draft request

  and scheduling letters, strategy and other matters

• Congressional Directory with member and key staff information




Champion + Planning, Member of Congress Engagement

• Everything in Champion package

• 6-One-on-One calls with Anita covering development of briefing paper, draft language, and draft request and scheduling letters

• Coaching/assistance in securing at least one congressional champion

• Scheduling assistance in securing meeting with at least two members of Congress

• Post meeting assessment debrief and identification of next steps

• Assistance w/more detailed Advocacy Plan Outline




Elite + Hill Day, Fly-ins, Agency/Congressional Visits Assistance

• Everything offered in the Elite package

• Assistance with a Hill Day planning

• Scheduling meetings with members and staff

• Securing a room on the Hill, depending on timing of request and availability

• Assistance in securing member of Congress/senior staff to address your group (depending on scheduling and availability)

• Invite to at least one (1) VIP leader event/retreat